Sunday, January 13, 2008

Madamoiselle: Moi 100th post

Hoorey! It's my 100th post for Madamoiselle ver 2. and ironically, I have nothing much to blog about. Waaa!!! I think it's because my mind is still on the 'Coffee Prince' drama series that I haven't finished watching yet. I'm still on the 2nd DVD. Really, if I did not control myself, I would probably finished watching it in one day but that would be sickening... I need my life too..hehe.

Anyway, as it's my 100th post today, I'd like to congratulate myself *pity* :p for being able to keep my blog alive and kicking since July 2007. And that's about 6 months ago.

I'm still a learning blogger, an amatuer, who simply writes about my daily life, what I feel, eat, do and nothing special. My first blog was
"Madamoiselle" and as you might know, I had forgotten my password and had locked myself out of blogging in that blog *pathetic*.

Well, my first intention to write a blog was to have my own personal sort of diary that I wanted to remember in my later years and also to improve or at least maintain my usage of proper English which I find the lack of it in the past decade. Eversince I started working, my environment did not approve to speak or write good english. I spoke malay 98% of the time and my first job was me, mingled closely with my chinese colleagues who spoke more to Singlish style speaking rather than a normal english. I was very close with my chinese boss and I got influenced with their english for almost 3 years. You know, like "Don't play-play mah!" and "Why you blur like sotong eh?" hahaha... it sounded funny now that I remember it but it sure was fun to speak english like that.
Ok Wat?

Then, I moved to working in another new environment which is my present work and this time it's purely more to a Malay speaking environment. English was hardly used except for some circumstances and I feel like my power on the use of english has gone down to the drain. And I'm not liking it and so the need to blog. Blogging, does not let you practice, just good writing but also keeps you exploring more of English terms that you sometimes hardly used. When I 'blog-hop', I learned more from reading the blogs and it really do helps.
Last year, I took an international English test to see how my English was and for some other reason. I took their classes and learned that although I'm fine with my vocabulary but my tenses were so careless. {You may just see it from my writings in my blog}.I got throuhg with good grades though *grin*.

Okay, I've babbled too much for someone who thought had nothing much to say on her 100th post. Have a wonderful week ahead everyone! Buhbai!

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Trinity on January 25, 2008 at 6:21 PM said...

Congrats Madaaaam!!! Congratsss