Monday, January 21, 2008

Madamoiselle: Pulau Hantu

Just returned from the cinema to catch up a new movie . There weren't much choices at the Kiulap Mall, and I was planning for the Johnny Depp movie, 'Todd Sweeny' ??..I think, I don't remember the title. Unfortunately, yesterday was it's sneak preview and the movie will only be shown by this Thurday. Other choices I got is 'Cloverfield' and I am in no mood for a monster thingy. My Poq sister insist for a Ghost story and so watched the "Pulau Hantu" aka " Ghost Island", an indonesian movie, which tells a story about a group of teens having a last minute stay at a resort in an island. Okay let me just cut & paste the synopsis hehe...


Eight close friends go on a vacation, but their yacht is then derouted to a secluded beautiful island. They decided to spend their holiday there. Out of their knowing, behind the beauty of the virgin island, there is a dark secret. While these eight teenagers are having fun in the beach, the spirit that haunts the island is lurking from behind and below, bringing death to them one by one.

I don't know why but I'm starting to lose interest with Indonesian ghost stories. No offense ...I used to like their ghost movies.They used to make good ones long time ago.But lately, they seem to run out of ideas. Or was it because, those times I was still a kid and was much easily scared off than now. Teehheee!! The movie was a 5 out of 10 for my verdict. I think I prefer to watch the trailer they had shown us before the show starts. It was another new malaysian ghost story called "congkak".. a bit freaky...I think I like that better though I still think "Jangan pandang belakang" had made a big impact to the audience so far these 2 years.

Okay, I feel tired now. Had a lot of things to do at the office this morning and had worn me out a lot.
Bon Nuit!!

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