Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Revamp of the blog!

Hi peeps!

Finally, I've managed to revamp my blog, Yey! Not much of a difference (i guess) but it's definitely refreshing...for me dat is. Eventually, I lurve the "chic - on - the - couch" pic so much dat i just had to make some modification rather than to replace the whole look. So sayang meh! It took me a while to adjust everything as I am a total amatuer on this web design thingy but So far so good and i just need to add more widgets that i've removed :p A lot of energy wasted but hey i'm learning..hehehe....

Anyway, lots of happenings going on with my life these past few days. Happy ones, unpredictable ones, sad ones, tiring ones etc..etc.... but i managed to get on without ruining anything. Not gonna say much about it tonight ....maybe next time then.

So as for now, I need a rest. Looking forward to have another spare time to blog something here.. hopefully tomorrow? Will see... so in the meantime, good nite peeps...and Sweet dreams :)

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