Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hi peeps,

Having back from a very short holiday, I've been getting two shocking news within just 3 days.

The first one, was a lost of an old friend whom I've barely kept in touch in the past few years but we had managed to say hi once in a while on the net. It was indeed, a news that took me quite a while to believe that he actually left the world. He used to be a "Penpal" of mine {a term that is hardly used nowadays since the internet and mobile text-ing has been very much of used these days} and he was one of my closest penpals, a friend who was very talented in writing, the one who would always sent me his creative DIY cards every birthdays in those teenage years. Once in awhile, we called each other to say hi, but most often, wrote long letters of our never ending stories. He was funny, friendly, and kind hearted and his letters were one of those awaiting moments I needed in those days. After high school was over, We wrote less and lesser after time went by, as we both had started fulfilling with our own life's busyness. He became one of those successful person who persue his dreams at a young age and I was happy for him. Unfortunately, I never did know that he had a health problem. How long has it been, how much he suffered, I never knew. It was devastating. I only knew after I heard the news and it was too late!! It was a big loss and I regretted for being apart on the latter years for not being with him as we used to. I hope he would rest in peace and his soul be blessed by the Almighty Amin!

The second news, was the loss of a dear friend's first baby whom was exactly two months old today. She passed away last night and was safely buried this morning. I am very much sorry to my dearest friend for her loss and I do hope she would be strong with all this that had happened. Keep your faith my friend and there's always a heal behind every sorrows.

Life is too short to be taken advantage of. Dealing with such loss was never easy and its best to make the greatest out of them when they are still around. Somehow it's not too late to forgive and forget to the people around, who knows our time may come...who knows...

Till then, Have a great night everyone!

Au Revoir peeps!

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