Sunday, November 23, 2008

3 Zero

Hellew folks!

It's a Sunday, a day after the big day of mine. Yups, Moi birthday in which Madamoiselle enters to another stage of life..with a big "THREE" written all over Moi face...hahaha. Rather than being depressed or un-psyched about the ageing issue, I was actually thrilled and excited about it. I know.....most ladies out there would not agree with my outcome reactions. Believe me, I was actually overwhelmed with the new erra of my life. It felt like I'm opening another new chapter, new energy, new visions of the new me!

WOW! How could I be so optimistic about this. I am indeed surprised with what I've been thru during my first day of "30". Unbelievably, I'm so full of Smiles!! You may think that I am exaggerating here...but honestly, Why would I be?. :)

Despite of having a status of being 'Single' at this age, I did not find it so worrying as it was when I turned 28 and had not gotten married with whom i thought i would finally settled down with. Maybe, my focus has now shifted and I intend to enjoy myself as much as as I should and stop worrying about things that I could not control with my own two hands. As they say, "AGE IS JUST A NUMBER" and I'm practically thinking that way now. Probably, my worries will start at 40, but for as this moment in time, 30 is somehow, like the new 40. I mean, hey! Men often says that their lives starts at 40. So I guess then, Women should be having a life starting at the age of 30..right ladies? Since Women naturally are matured earlier than men, so eventually our lives could head on for an earlier start than men. Agree?? haha.....

Anyway, I've been thinking of changing my blog to its new look. Something 30-ish but still sleek , chic and elegant..hmmm..haven't found any gud thing yet but it'll takes time. Sheesh! Wish I am so gud with this web designing thingy so that I can make my own website with my own creations. ~dududuuduuduuuu~~ So Vain!

Okay, enuff babblings for today. Be back a few days..or probably weeks..hahha but in the meantime, take care peeps :)

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