Sunday, December 14, 2008

~The Brief~ -=BSM Walk-A-Hunt=-.

Hellew peeps,

Guess where I had been tonite?

That's the PGGMB building in Bandar. What was I doing there??

That's my partner! We came for a brief for the BSM Walk-a-Hunt held tomorow and it's the first time we join in this year. Loads of people came, mostly first timers and everyone was indeed excited about it. Happy to meet a few familiar faces there :)

Anyway, I have to make this a short post. It's late and I am supposed to wake up early for tomorrow's ...err.. since it's 1 am already now, I can say this morning's event. So till then, good luck to all participants...let's dream for the Hong Kong Tickets eyh!! Team 220 here we come.. :p

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