Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Homecoming Speech.

Hi peeps…

Silly madamoiselle can’t make up her mind and for five months she thought blogging is no more in her way but now intends to get her hands back to the keyboard and bore the wits out of her readers through this personal blog of hers.. I know it sounds so indecisive for me but you’ll understand…Nahhhh!!

Well, let me explain, in simple form:







Gee) and many more that you don’t want to know.

Life isn’t as hectic as it used to be now. So apparently, the extended unfulfilled times was rather filled with things that has to do with BED and the large TV screen that I’ve been hooked up so much lately.

Other than that, I’ve been trying to renovate myself slowly as the final years of the twenties is approaching to its end and had awoken me up to do something about myself. I know mademoiselle is such a lazy tart and hadn’t been bothered enough to polish up in since eight years ago with the beliefs of ‘Au-Natural’ will not wither its youth. DUH!!

So this has been quite a change…… a slow one that is.

Honestly, I am not promising for a constant updating of my blog here despite of the extra hours I may have, but who knows, right? It’s so hard to stop once you’re already into it. Now that I’ve finally settled a bit, and the fasting month is ahead by a few days, I hope everything would be going in just fine for me and for everyone else. I am very much looking forward for ‘Ramadan’, the fasting month for the Muslims Another reason to toning down the weight.. or probably the other way round..*erks!* hehehhe… just kidding. It’s just another reason for me to have shorter hours of work and early times to be back home…*Ooops*… Again, just kidding…

Okay people I gotta go. Signing off with loads of love. Have a Great Day!!

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