Sunday, March 2, 2008

Madamoiselle: Sick or Cashmere Mafia?

This week had been a rollercoaster for me. What kind of rollercoaster? I'd say a 'Health-Rollercoaster'.

What I meant is, at one point, I am as healthy as ever, no flu, no fever,no nothing, nada & suddenly, my temperature went high, then my headaches, continues with a running nose and comes to worst, with a bad cough. I took my meds, rub some ointments, wet the towel and place them on my forehead and try to get a good sleep. Then the next morning, everything was okay, no more fever or flu but just a lil cough. Night comes, my flu came back. Next day, flu was off but my coughing was getting worse. Then last nite, I was fine and so was this morning until after lunch, I got my headache back. I tried to bring myself to sleep for a rest but I could not sleep so I made mysef watch "Cashmere Mafia".

After watching 5 episodes, my headache has reduced but I got a pain at the back of my neck. Waaaahh, it made me feel so tired. But I'm already tired trying to rest myself on bed. Aaahh! I'm whining!!

Speaking of 'Cashmere Mafia', I have just started watching it today after robbing it out of a friend's hdd. Too bad, there's just 5 episodes so far and I'm waiting for 2 more, that is if I manage to steal it from hers again *wink*. Cashmere Mafia is a new series this year and nope it's not in Astro. I would not know this anyway, if my friend hadn't recommended it. I wish Astro would be more advanced. It's something like "SATC" with a mixture of "Desperate Housewife" but not actually both of 'em. Four women, 2 married, 2 singles and all are successfull with a lot of agendas. I actually like it.The clothes, the bags, the shoes, it's fashion just like SATC but in a different way.

"Four ambitious, sexy women who have been best friends since business school, Mia, Zoe, Juliet and Caitlin, try to have it all. They aren't just powerful and intelligent as singular executive sensations in a man's world; they've bonded into a formidable unit  a female "boys' club" -- to support and counsel each other through good times and bad. How better to climb up the corporate ladder than with your buddies at your side?

Set in glamorous New York City, where titans of media, finance, advertising and publishing reside, these driven women, who daily share their relatable and relevant problems dealing with both the boardroom and bedroom, combine their smarts, wit and humor to deal with personal and professional misfortunes and stunning triumphs. Whether it's coping with rocky marriages, fending off scheming colleagues or just trying to find themselves in the midst of chaotic lives, these compelling women use their valuable friendship to keep centered."

Feel tempted to watch this girls. You should! Go search for it and download. How? Don't ask me, I just steal hahaha.. okay that's an evil laugh. :p

p.s: Oh I feel a lil' lot better now when I blog. Weird!

5 Say What?:

Anonymous said...

your blog is lovely... get well...

Madamoiselle ver.2 on March 3, 2008 at 1:22 PM said...

Thank you Kebelle. I hope so too :p

HANNA on March 4, 2008 at 1:30 AM said...

Ciao Madam.lle!
Do U know "domino effect"?

Mariuca on March 4, 2008 at 2:58 AM said...

I'm watching Cashmere too, I think it's already up to ep 6 right? Anyway, happy Tuesday and I have some awards for u! :)

U.Lee on March 4, 2008 at 5:12 AM said...

Hi there, was at Trinity's place noticed your alluring profile pic.
And enjoyed reading your this posting, though must admit have not seen the series.
That portrait of you on the red settee prompts me to say, if you were to hold a bouquet of 12 red roses, in front of your mirror, you will see 13 red roses.
You have a nice day, keep well, UL.