Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Madamoiselle & her Unsuccessfull attempt

Oh! I should have blogged about this the other day. Not that this is of anything interesting to talked about. Just wanna post it for my remembrance. Teehee!! As you might have already known, I am now officially into the world of "The Kitchen" where all amateurs will experience the disastrous side of cooking or baking of First Time. I have to admit, have wasted lots of flours, eggs and butter on few baking occasions that had gone wrong. The first failed attempt was to make a Chocolate Chip Muffin that was supposed to be simple but I miscalculated the amount of baking soda thus resulted, a beautiful muffin but tasted like s****. Had to throw it all, nobody would wanna even try. Then I've tried the Chocolate Mousse and Wahlaaa... it became a gooey like paste that doesn't even comes close to a Mousse. The taste was not bad though, but the sight of its ugliness made me threw it to the bin.

Then, I had this crave for a "Jackfruit cake". I had always like this cake but seldom found it sold anywhere. So I had intended to make one but preferred to make it as a muffin. So i took a basic muffin recipe and just add the jackfruit paste which I had blended earlier.We do stock up a bunch of fruits into the freezer since those fruits were not an all year round fruit we can get.We even have Durian Kuning in the freezer in case we crave for it. :p

Anyway, back to my story, so i tried experimenting the Jackfruit muffin and here's what it had turned out to be:

Added some chopped hazelnut on top for a lil garnish.

Not bad eih? *TuuuuuuT* You're wrong! It might looked okay but when i tasted it, it was still okay as i bit of the top part until i bit my second bite somewhere in the middle it was slightly sticky-ish. I think i had put too much of Jackfruit paste that made the texture un-presentable on the taste bud. I did not throw it though. We just ate the top part and then threw the leftovers. hehehehe... at least this time its 50% failure. Will try to make another new recipe next. I'm planning to bake a B'day cake for a fren this weekend. I hope it'll be a success. Gonna post that next week of how it'll turn out to be.

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