Friday, November 16, 2007

Madamoiselle & a Friday chores

It’s Laundry day today. Spin and tumbledry, checked! Make sure weather is hot, checked! Pegged to clothesline, checked! Make sure sweet smell of scented laundry fills the air, checked! Phew! Glad that’s over. I just don’t like doing laundries. It took hours for me to finished the chore and I know, I’m slacking when it comes to that.

Once that was over, I had the urge to have a baking session. So I went online for a quick recipe search for cupcakes, which I’ve been meaning to do for almost a week, and found a simply good looking cupcake. I know it’s a simple recipe but I’ve just started to develop an interest to cook and bake two months back and wanted to try to be a self taught chef. Who knows I might be good someday. *I wish*.

Anyhow, made two lovely batches of vanilla cupcakes with light blue butter-cream frosting and chocolate almond topping. Actually, I intended to make just the blue frosting but hadn’t had enough of icing so I had to find an alternative and found a chocolate bar and some chopped almonds in the fridge. And Wa-lah, a chocolate almond cupcake. As for the butter-cream cupcakes, I didn’t have perfect swirls for it but I do love the taste of the soft creamy texture and it’s not too sweet either. Gonna bring them to the office tomorrow and see how they’re gonna like it. :p

My tray of Blue frosting and Chocolate Almond Vanilla Cupcakes.

Edited on 17/11/2007 :: Yey! A success for my cupcakes despite of its unprofessional presentation. Glad my friends liked it and all were gone in their tummies. It’s my 2nd attempt, and it’s an 85% to having a real good cupcake. All I need is more practice and some adjustments for the next session.::

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