Saturday, November 3, 2007

Madamoiselle & her Backdated "Updates"


-=[ Date:31-10-2007 Time: 09:57 ]=-

Have you been to the Doulos ship already? It’s nice to go and visit it. If I’m not mistaken, they’ll be here till Friday. Yesterday, only a few came at the muara port around 5pm. The crowd increases as it gets dark. Mrs Meow and I were there for about an hour and a half and it’s a bit hot at the deck so wear something comfy.

A funny incident happened when we were there. A “Freaky Man” we named him, kept stalking us every where we go. We didn’t realize it until the last half hour we’re there. We noticed him upon arrival when waiting for the bus to come. He came behind us and said something that I don’t even understand. He looks decent and in the early 40’s I guess. I thought he was mumbling to himself so I ignored him. Then the bus came, my friend got pissed off. The guy was rather in a hurry to get onto the bus and was not gentleman enough to let the ladies up first. He was a bit pushy and that ticked Mrs Meow but was still patient enough to ignore him. On the ship, We were talking about how the pricing system was and looked at their listing. Out of no where, the same guy came from behind Mrs Meow and say “Owh , so that’s how the price is!” Like if we were talking to him! An hour later, after getting the books I needed, we stroll around at the shelves near the cashier and there he is just next to us, looking. He was still on the ship and he didn’t even have a single book in his hand. Come on, an hour there and you got nothing?? I went passed him and left Mrs Meow who was busy looking for a book. Later, I came back to Mrs Meow and surprised me that she was in the “First Mom” section where books about first time moms and all. I laughed and said ”What are you doing here?” She told me the freaky man came near her and was looking over her shoulder while she was reading a book. It freaked her and she had to move to the Mother’s section and pretend to read the book. The guy finally left. I laughed and we said aloud “ Eeeh.. Freaky jua orang atu eh!” and just when we turn, he was exactly in front of us and I somehow gave him an insulting look, unintentionally. Hehehe.. He mumbled something but we left hurriedly to the cashier. We had to get out of the ship a.s.a.p. So so creepy, so, so freaky! Luckily, we didn’t see him again after that.


Yey!! Last night, I had the sweetest reading book for sleep. I finished reading 3 cook books I bought from the “Doulos Ship” . Hahaha… Couldn’t find a book to read, I thought reading a cook book was better to doze me off to sleep in peace. I love ‘em. Nda nyasal membali. Murah kali ah..hehehe ok Got to go back to work. Kana marahi karang. Bye!

The 3 cook books moi 'em.

One of the pages that drools me.



-=[ Date: 29-10-2007, Time: 21:13 ]=-

Aaaahhh…Finally on bed with my lappy. As much as I thought I had too much naps that turns out to be a very long sleep, I still feel tired. This morning, me, Mrs. Meow and Miss Scary Spice had an early breakfast. We considered having our breakfast near the office but ended up eating half an hour away instead. Who couldn’t resist our favourite “Indo-mee goreng” dish at the infamous-unglamorous restaurant that only certain people knew about. :-p Lunch was another free meal. An open-house to attend and as always, it was tummy filling. Didn’t took any food all afternoon and already I was way too sleepy.

After work, went to the movies again, this time at the Qlap Cineplex. My sistah and I watched the “Shoot ‘em up” show.

We cracked. The movie was full of shooting action, kinky at times, hilarious in an illogical way, violent that freak us out [the breaking the finger part euuwhh]. I’d say it’s a funny R rated movie that made you feel stupid watching it, yet enjoys the stupidity of the James Bond heroic type of movie. Errr....whatever that means!! Teeheee… okay..I’m off to sleep. I can’t bear to stay awake late these days. Au revoir!



-=[ Date: 28-10-2007, Time: 10:45 ]=-

It’s a rainy day. The sound of raindrops hitting the rooftop has awoken my short nap. I’m tired. I woke up early today but I felt so sleepy, I took a nap again after breakfast. On top of that, I‘ve become a lazy blogger lately. Absolutely lazy! Was stuck with all the Raya festive season, I just couldn’t take an effort to post onto my blog. Had no time to go online. Lots of news for sure, but all has gone to stale. What the heck, I’d keep it posted anyway…sooner or later. This has been a hectic month for me and my blog. I hope I hadn’t bore anyone. I’m sleepy. Uh-oh, my eyes, ….need to doze off again. Bye! Zzzzzz…..


~~ EAT! EAT! EAT! It's Raya, No surprise!~~

-= [Date: 27-10-2007, Time: 23:10 ]=-

Another day with a lot of Open house invitations. Today, there were 3 open houses to attend and a gathering invitation for a buffet dinner. I only managed to go for two of the open houses; one for lunch, and another for tea time. Lunch was a heavy buffet and tea time was our friend’s signature dish, “Soto”. I love their ‘Soto’, their beef broth was just excellent. Too bad, I had to leave early, another buffet invitation awaits at 7pm. Dinner was at Rizqun. I still managed to get a few plates on the table. Gladly, dinner was not in a rush. Lots of us, eat and talk, slow and relaxed. We ended just in time before the restaurant closes. Boy! I know after this month is over, I need to get back to my tracks and try to loose the kilos I’ve gained in just two weeks. And that’ll be very, very hard. : p



-= [Date: 26-10-2007, Time: 23:25 ]=-

Yesterday, was pay day. Miraculously, yesterday was no ordinary pay day. Not many people were seen around the malls and everywhere else. I guess people are still in the festive mood or probably didn’t know it was actually payday. Hmmm… The mall was unusually quite last nite.

Anyway, I was grumpy yesterday afternoon. It was my first time ever being grumpy for no reason. My colleague was worried for my unusual behavior. Had been whining and being so “kusut” for absolutely no reason at all, nothing, zero, nada. Weird huh? That’s why I had to go to the movies after work. Went to The Mall at Gadong to catch up a movie with my sister. It had been a month of fasting and my fasting includes not going to the movies. It felt good to be back in those seats, watching movies in the dark. I still opt for going to a movie rather than watching it on DVD. Probably, because I have an old 21” TV in my room and it was not huge enough to satisfy my visual orgasm. APAKAN?? Hehehe… So why not buy a humongous flat screen TV? Well, for the moment, I need some sponsors. Haha.. Back to my story, I watched “The Last Legion” as that’s the only available movie at 5pm. It was okay though, at least I didn’t need to whine about how bad the movie was as I had before. Aishwarya was in it. She’s been a Hollywood star a lot lately. Just few weeks a go, I watched her former movie, ‘The Mistress of Spice’ in HBO. I like that too. Something different. A love story in a unique way.

After the movie, went to “The Faceshop”. It’s my first to set foot at the place since their opening a few months back. I fell in love with it immediately. Their products had really caught my eye. Lawa berabish! I love their range of makeup. I bought one of their lipsticks which had a very cute packaging and also bought a few others. Couldn’t resist not buying anything there and I was entitled to become a member straight away. Hehe.. Another collection of discount cards I had to take.

I was in glee, walking out of the shop. It’s like I had bought the best toy a child could ever wanted. Another weird emotion I had for the day after my grumpy mood swing. I was never a girlie person who was really into makeups and it was weird to be very happy for that. Feeling totally hungry, we went straight for dinner at Rizqun. Had buffet and I was in luck. My favourite dish was in the buffet. “Steamed Fish Seabass”, Huge ones. I love it. Had two big chunks of the flesh and it was yummy.

Earlier that day, at lunch time, there was no open house for the day, so me and my colleagues, the four of us went to Twelv. The last time I went there was like early last year, I guess. Quite a few changes in their settings but the food were still awesome. I had “Rosemary Chicken” while my colleagues had “Thai BBQ Chic”, “Green Curry Chic” and hmmm.. I don’t remember the other menu but it’s a chic dish..hehe We all had chics that day and its CHICKENLICIOUS I’d say. A great lunch and big laughs we had for the day before my grumpiness crept in. Duh!!



-= [Date: 23-10-2007, Time: 20:30 ]=-

Waaa!! Soooo tired eihh!!! My body aches and my feet hurts. I walked like a crimpled ol’haggard and I’m still in the 20’s…ehem..ehem… wahahaha!! I’m beat. So what actually happened?? Nothing much. The day before was just hectic. We had our Openhouse and was opened from 11am and ended at 11pm. A 12 hour of fun, happy, and tiredness. It was our first Openhouse in our new house and it was fun to have lots of friends and relatives to come. Basically, the open-house was meant for mostly friends, since we had had almost everyday open-house for our relatives during the first week of Raya, but we did invite a few close relatives to makan-makan. Anyway, this year we hosted the biggest ever Open-house. Why? Because this was the first time, we had ever made sooo much food after all those years of raya. I can say we had five different SETS of main dish. Just for main dish!! And preparing them was another hectic event. Eventually, there wasn’t much food left by the end of the day so you see, how many people had come. We had only an hour break during the day after lunch and people kept coming after that. It was chaotic during the lunch and dinner hours. The guests kept pouring in and we had to divide ourselves to entertain them. It was fun though especially seeing old friends coming. Lots to say, lots of news, the good old times. No wonder I’ve been very looking forward for Raya this year. It was really my time. Alhamdulillah. Hope next year would be another fun Raya as it is this year.



-= [Date: 16-10-2007, Time: 18:55 ]=-

It’s the first day of work after the Raya public holidays. I don’t feel like waking up early. My body aches but I wanted to go to work. Meet friends and have our first raya at work. That’s the fun part. Nobody felt like working as we all were still in the Raya mood. Went to a friends house for her famous “Soto” during lunch. Not an official open house but a crash in lunching. Luckily her mom made lots of “Soto” so we had 2 bowls each. Oh..i gotta go. Au revoir.



-= [Date: 13-10-2007, Time: 23:17 ]=-

Today is first day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Selamat Hari Raya Everyone! Maaf Zahir & Batin. I am not able to post any blogs this whole Raya week, not even the week before Raya. I’ve been very busy lately so getting online and posting blogs is out of the list. So I’ll be keeping a diary for a substitute until I got time to post it on blogger.

Today has been a very tiring day. We had an open house for our very close relatives. Lots of foods served but it was really fun. Today, on the menu was, our homemade Satay Goreng set, Our signature dishes, Nasi Ayam and Mee Rebus Singapore. Every year, we had to serve these dishes. We tried to change the menu few years back but people kept asking for these three dishes. So we finally gave in and just serve those for our main dish. Aku plang kelanguan bah every year, same food. Hehehe…Anyway, got to get back to sleep. Tomorrow is another day of tiredness. My parents wanted to have another small open house for our guests tomorrow and that’s mean another cooking event to do again. Waaaa…. Nasib baik I’m not the main chef. Hehehe…

Oh, Btw, I baked these yesterday. My first baking session of muffins, cookies and raspberry cheese tart. So keen with trying it and oklah it comes out just ok lah. hehehe.. the cookies were not original though. I mean, its the ready made cookie mix from "Betty Crocker"I bought but i baked it for sure..haha. My muffins were a bit messy but it was served for today and 90% of it were gone. Some guests thought it was not real. I take it as a compliment *winks* . And my raspberry cheese tart is a bit dry. I need to modify the ingredients next time. But overall, I'm satisfied with my baking experiment. Semangat raya lah katakan. ok Bye!


~~ EAT! EAT! EAT! It's sungkai time!~~

-= [Date: 9-10-2007, Time: 22:42 ]=-

Just came back from Sungkai and shopping. We finally had Sungkai at the Orchid Garden. Every year, we have Sungkai at the place at least once. It’s always been a favorite place to break the fast and for this year, today is the day. Teehee... ate a lot for sure. From starters to desserts, it was nyamaanzzz. I like the Roti kosong a lot. The chicken curry was superb.

The main dish, the dimsum dish, the mee soup dish. Of course, not all i eat leh.

The 2/3 eaten western food, the ox tail soup, the pumpkin and orange soup with szechuan soup and chicken porridge.

After Sungkai, we go ahead for a lil’ shopping. Last minute shopping for the coming raya. Sooo many people eh… Last-last got back home lah. Cannot tahan with sooo many people.

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