Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Madamoiselle & her Random-ness # 10 + Food Talk #15

:: Her Random-ness ::

It's been hectic in the past few days. I've been totally tired and have no intentions to go to work. But I have to, too bad. Like a zombie, I would go to work just for the sake of going but wasn't able to do much. Soo unproductive, so, sooo "pemalas". They say, "Semangat Rayakah?". Maybe so. Pasal raya tah aku mengalihzzz.. hehehe... Being in a new homey, everyone in the house are very keen in transforming it to a dazzling castle of ....??? Last Friday, my parents were out and asked the maid to tell me to do whatever I want to decorate the house. I know I love decorating but hey, me alone, decoring the house, nasib baik amah nda kana angkut. I took the whole day just decorating the living room and the dining room. I'm all puffed out by the end of the day. My parents though, are all busy with decorating their mini garden...bought lots of flowers and plants, no one would believe that we've just moved in almost a year ago!


:: Food Talk ::

Besides that, I've been eating out quite a lot lately. Last week, I had a big feast with my colleagues, having Sungkai at BOB Umie in Tamu Selera (As mentioned by Mummy Meow). I've always liked eating at that place. It's cheap and tummy filling and the food were superb. I especially liked the Steamed Fish and of course, the black peppered cockles. Never missed ordering those dishes. The sungkai turn out to be so much fun. We had 3 tables full of Steamed fish, Sambal BBQ fish, Black peppered Cockles, Sambal Prawns, Buttermilk Chicken, Fried Bean Sprouts, Fried Baby Kailans and "Gearbox" Soup. Banyak bah!. All for 15 tummies to be filled. It's our first big Eating-Hangout-Day that day and everyone, gladly, were in total satisfaction with the gathering. That's the day when I ate so much, so far during Ramadhan. Too much that I felt my tummy bloated with too much of scrumptious food. Teeheee... Didn't manage to take much of the pics though...were too busy 'laughing' and 'stuffing' with the gang.

The "Gearbox" Soup

The Sambal BBQ Fish

The Bubbly Teh Tarik

Another eating event also took place at my eldest sister's home sweet home two weeks ago. I didn't manage to blog about this due to my busy schedule. The siblings and I decided to have a homemade Nasi Ayam, a fav. dish i prefer it home-cooked rather than buying or eating it elsewhere. hehehe... The best part about homemade is that, we tend to choose the best part of the chicken, which was the leg part / Thigh part... We love it. Soo Juicy. We had ten pieces of that part, even our nieces had theirs, all finished without waste. We also had Kerabu Udang and Rojak for the side dish and Cottage pie plus Ice cream Cocktail plus Marble Cheesecake plus Roti John for dessert. It was fun for us siblings as we hardly had time for all of us to get together and had a cooking session together-gether..hehehe.. Unfortunately I haven't got any nice pics for the food. So I'll juz show ya two of what we had.

Kerabu Udang made by my sis... niceee!!

The Heavenly Marble cheesecake

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