Friday, July 27, 2007

Madamoiselle & The Simpsons

::edited again on 29th July 2007::
:: Movie Talk ::

~Simpsons The Movie ~

Yup, watched this movie yesterday and it was hilarious. The last time i've ever had a big laugh in the movies was when watching "Blades of Glory". Such fun to let it out though some might have been irritated with our loudmouth-laughter. Sorry to the peeps in the cinema, We couldn't help it, it's just dumb funny and that made it burst the hell out of us. 'Steady...Steady...ouch!!! Aaarrrgghh!!! Hahaha!! errrkk!!!' Sorry to the guy who sneak to have a look at us for laughing too much. "Run!run!run! snap! jump!jump!jump! snap! rest!rest!rest! snap!" And sorry to everyone who was laughing with us but was overshadowed by our hysteric laughter HAR HAR HAR!

I got into the simpson's website and this is what i've discovered and created.
a simpsons version of madamoiselle. Cool!! You can recreate your own version of the simpson family from the simpsons avatar in
Have a try and better watch the movie guys, its worth the luff!

Sneaked snapshots / Scenes taken from the cinema


:: Food Talk! ::

Went to WYWY's latest branch in Bengkurong for dinner.

Scenes at the restaurant

Quarter eaten Sizzling Japanese Tofu hehehe!!

Sizzling Fish in Ginger soya sauce

What Soup?? Forgot meh!

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