Thursday, July 12, 2007

Madamoiselle & Sex and The City

:: Season-Series Talk ::

Hi ya all,

Recently, i had this new addiction of watching the somehow-long-ago famous HBO series of "Sex and the City". Sold at the famous-amos "Communist shop" as it was known, i bought the first season for trial and began watching it like an addiction for just in two nights. I remember watching a few episodes in HBO but since i missed most of the series i don't really get what it was all about. Too naive was I to understand that time that it was all just about "Sex" and the "city" itself, and all i could only remember that its sort of hilarious its own way. Now that i get to see the whole picture, i'm loving the story more. It was not just about "sex" but it was more of a story bout :MEN: dealing with all the different male hormones, bout :LOVE: handling situations of the love in reality, and also bout :FRIENDSHIP: how four different strong characters live the life in the city together being a WOMEN and of course :FASHION: all those designers stuffs especially the SHOES!! It's heaven!. I truly fall for the love story between Carrie and Mr Big. It was all emotional like a Rollercoaster.

Well, anyway, so far I've watched till the 3rd season already. 2 more seasons and its over... Heard that, there'll be a Movie of The Sex and The City,probably out by the end of this year or was it next year. Hmmm... that'll be the peak i'll be looking forward to.

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