Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Madamoiselle & Indo Mee Goreng

:: Food Talk ::

Hi ya peeps!!

Curious bout my title eih? Let me ask you,

::Where can you find the best indo mee goreng here in Brunei?::

Nope....Not at home but .....Okay let me rephrase that ~>

::Which restaurant can you find the best indo-mee goreng in Brunei?::

Hah! That's more like it. For those who loves this typical "indonesian's fast food noodles" I tell you there's this restaurant that serves it and one taste of it, i guarantee you'll wanna go back to this place again and again.

My sister had introduced me to this place and it was no love at first sight. hehehe.... Well, to be honest, it's not a fancy-schmancy restaurant, neither is it a famous-amos-cool-zone cafe... for sure, when i first came, i was like " Err... okay, i don't expect a very superb-yummy-nyummy food to be available in a place like this!" I mean ... it looks like a typical normal kampong restaurant or more like a coffee shop, nothing special. I don't mean to under estimate the place but as i've said, if you see the place, it doesn't seem like it's special than any other restaurants..Nope you won't fell in love with the place in first sight.

Anyway, i was told that the Indo-mee goreng was the best here. I asked my sistah, What's so special bout this food and She said just wait and see. So we ordered one for each, and waited patiently for it. Within few minutes, we had a plate of indo mee goreng served with a small bowl of soup and "kuah kicap". And that, my sistah said pointing to the "kuah kicap", is the special recipe for the indo mee goreng. Believe me, i was like " Adey! kicap biasa jua ni mcm kicap untuk lauk salai!" But she insist me to pour the "kicap over my indo mee goreng and Wahlaaa..... sekali merasa nyamaaaan kali ah!!. Totally unbelievable, two normal type of food, when eaten individually tastes so normal but when u mixed it, the taste blends so well that you just don't believe that its just indo mee goreng.

Actually the Indo mee goreng was refried with all the pastes and they mix vegetables to it. They use 2 packets of indo mee per serving and its definitely very filling. One set indo mee goreng costs about $2.00 only. I always ordered for Indo-mee ayam goreng that costs around $3.50 as it has an additional ayamg goreng to it and also ordered telur mata lembu so make it a total of $4. Still an affordable yummy filling meal. You guys better try it.

Ooops!!! Two bad news though...firstly, i have no evidence to prove how yummy the food's sorry..haven't took any picture of it coz i've always forgotten to take one as it is so tempting. And secondly, I dun remember the restaurant's name even though i've tried remembering it everytime i went there. I can only tell you that its sumwhere along Jalan Mulaut, there's a sign showing Salon wanita and a vegetable stall is in front of it. Not around the Mulaut abbatoir its like about 5mins drive or maybe 10 mins from the sengkurong T junction traffic to the road that leads to Kg Mulaut or to Kg Masin. Sorry folks, my bad for not able to tell you where. Its quite hard to explain it even to my friends untill i brought them there. Everyone i brought to the restaurant just loves the indo mee goreng and had been craving for it eversince. Teeeheee!! Okay if i go there again, I'll try to remember the restaurants name and take the pic of it ok. sorry!!

One confession.... i've just been there after work just now with my sistah..hehehe!! Still forgotten to take note of the place and take pics.

So hey, I got the name of the restaurant and its called "Restoran Fa Hismar" .Not a very familiar name yeah. And i got the number too, in case i need a pre-order food for take-away which i had today for lunch...addiction my colleague and i had... Smiles proudly for an ultimate unhealthy lunch.. :p
::Edited on the 28th July 2007::

What else about today?? A long queue occured along the sengkurong road near Tanjung Bunut Kanan. Thought, there was an accident but Not! The pics below say it all.

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