Saturday, July 21, 2007

Madamoiselle & Love is Cinta

:: Movie Talk ::


Has anyone watched the movie ~LOVE IS CINTA~ already? I did.. just after work this afternoon at the Empire cinema. So.... how was it for you guys? Me?... Well, the movie was not as I've been expected, honestly, I can't help giving scornful remarks during the movies. Some parts of the movie were okay but at most i found it unrealistic. I thought the movie was a serious sad romantic movie, ya know something like ~CINTA PERTAMA~, but it started to get ridiculous when the bald guy in black who was supposed to be like what?.... an "angel" or was he the "grim reaper " appeared in the scene. Then everything was dragging about Ryan@Donni trying to prove to Cinta that he is Ryan throughout the whole scenes. Another thing that bothers me is the other guy, what-his-name, a fren who likes cinta, he was charming in the 1st place but i got sick with his attitude in the latter part where i feel that he's been really pathetic, apa nya org "Syiok sendiri" trying to win over Cinta with his songs... come on!! All the time?!! And the worse scene ever was when it's time for Ryan to go to "Heaven" and he embraces Cinta, Floating in the air like a Fairy tale movie... what the heck! It's a FANTASY MOVIE , a teenage dream fantasy movie...oh heck, it IS meant for the teenagers i should have known. The story could have been a very good sad movie if it was made realistically. Boy! I'm frustrated.

But then, despite all that, there's also some funny side of it, especially when Donni went back home and thought "PA" was his father but actually was none other than his supposed to be Gay partner..hmm..Sugar daddy i guess...euuwhhh!! It gave me the creeps when he tried to snog with Donni. But it was a funny scene too hahaha!! Other than that, i'm loving the Donni actor, he is soooo talented, he has a 1000 faces, you know, he really can have so many expressions...a very very good actor i can say. He's just damn good.

Oh well, overall it was just an okay movie. I'll rate it 6/10, and that, being not "stingy"..hehehe

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