Monday, July 9, 2007

Je T'aime Madamoiselle ?

Hellew people,

Having back to the blogging world, I've realised how lots of changes happening around the Blogging Nation in the past 2 months! New blogs are booming like mushrooms and surprisingly, frequent fav. bloggers seems to settle down from blogging. [hmm....too much of "blog"words here..]
Wow! Time do flies so fast. It feels weird seeing all the new bloggers around.... pretty kewl though, am able to "stalk" more blogs with the varieties of stuffs offered :p...


Anyway, Life of my own changes as the world does, well more to my love life that is. The month of June had been like a World Love Life crisis for almost everyone i know and that includes myself. Confusions, Decisions, Risks and Pain, Rebounds and more Confusions led my world to full Unexpectations and more Acceptance to what Fate has to give. Trying to remember a quote saying that "Once a door is closed, another opens for more opportunities ", little do i know that it could happened in just a short time. After so many months of indecisive thoughts of leaving "The One", I didn't realised within a transaction of time, had i left him believing "The Other" had opened my heart to being able to accept the likeliness of having to fall in love again. Gosh!! after re-reading my sentence on that... couldn't believe how serious i was with the words. Pardon me if none of you understand it. It's been tough to let out what have been through. For sure, Leaving "The One" was a huge sacrifice i had to make for the sake of our own. And for another sure thing, "The Other" has somehow becomes a "Rebound" i needed to ignore. Whatever!

I need a break! I don't like the tone of my seriousness in my blog doesn't sounded Moi. So guess i'll write another day then Bon Nuit!

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