Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Madamoiselle & Miri

:: Going Somewhere!! ::

Hi ya all,

Yesterday, as ya all know was a public holiday for all of us [especially for myself] in commemorate with the Birthday of His Majesty, The Sultan of Brunei. But I'm not gonna talk bout the celebrations now just yet but will be talking about what i did for the holiday. I don't usually enjoy much of holidays before, as i was too workaholic to do anything but work, work , work at these times or at other times, Sleep and rest at home, doing nothing but rest. But this year was different, i'm taking light on work and began enjoying life as i'm supposed to have. And Tadaaa..., I've managed to reduce my stress level and trying to have a healthy life in a slow pace by enjoying places that i've been so looong neglected to stroll around and relax. In the past 3 months, my friends and i started having "lepaks" at Serasa Beach almost every weekends. Then, we tried on going further to strolling around Tutong town and beaches, then to Belait town and even went to Labuan for an extra pleasure of being relaxed! [My ol'frens juz couldn't believe that "I-GOT-TIME" doing all these as i was known to "No-Holiday-Or-Weekends" kind of person.]

So what i actually did for yesterday, was also none other but to go to a place that i've been neglecting to go in the past few years --> MIRI. Really!! It's been like years that i've last set foot in that place and it felt good to come back and enjoy what every bruneian seems to enjoy going there for. We started heading to our destination early morning [ early for moi dat is] at around half past six in the morning and arrived around eight-ish ,with an unbearable hunger in the stomach . Of course, first thing to do is to fill up the tummy. Once full, we headed for the workshops for my car to get a lil' fix. Not that my car had any big problems, just needs an add of botox to upgrade its beauty...hah! Not! hehehe... Half day was used up for this and we felt hungry again and went to Imperial to have lunch and shop. Then, to Parkson and shop for more and played bowling too. T'was fun yet exhausting so we finally rest at Coffee Bean, in which tha place was really nice and spacious compare to the ones in Brunei. Time was 5pm by then, and we have yet anther destination to go which is the "Miri Public Park @ Taman Awam Miri". It is beautiful. That's the first time i went there but i'm lovin it. I know it has been there for years but as what bruneians do, we always go to Miri for shopping, and not touring around the town. What i love about the park is the "Hanging Bridge", although i didn't manage to further walk to the long length of the bridge due to our crazy fren who jumped and ran all the way on the bridge, leaving me and my fren, stopped at the deck and just watch him go.

As the sun sets down, we went to the beach and enjoy the wind, the sun and the view. Although the beach is still under renovation, but we had a peaceful time with a panoramic view of the sunset.

ur on candid!

Titanic wannabe!!

:: Food Talk::

To end the day, went to Al'Fresco, a restaurant thats serves yummy nyummy fried calamaris and Baked clams. Enjoying every taste of it.

We finally set of back to Brunei, when we ran into a long queue near the miri immigration post. Took us almost an hour an a half to just get off from the Brunei immigration post and came home around 11pm. Was so exhausted that I dozed straight off after a late shower...aaaahh.....nyaman tido kali aaahh...hehehe...

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