Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seafood galore

Hellew peeps,

I love seafood.

Just the other day, I managed to go to "Bob Umie". Things do have changed and the place was uplifted with high permanent tents now. My most favourite food there, is always their stemed fish, cockles and crabs.

So that nite i went for all these...except for their cockles. Unfortunately, they were out of stock. Just look at the pics and drools ;p

The menu

The boss @ chef at work

Normally , I ordered the Garlic steamed fish, but for a changed we ordered Steamed Oyster fish...nyummzz...

Look at those big crabs!! Again, we usually ordered chilli crab but this one is tauchu crab...even yummier!!! Guess how much this is?? One plate of 3 big blue crabs cost only B$10.00.

Kailan veg with tofu.

Well, this cockles are not from bob umie as they have no stock so we ordered this on the next two blocks from bob umie. hehehe look how white the cockles were. ;)

Anyway, the crabs were the best. Am planning to go wif a few friends this saturday for more crabs hehehe...Bob Umie here we come :)

2 Say What?:

Hungry said...

Hi there, nice blog! Do you think you could give me the address of Bob Umie please? Thanks!

Madamoiselle ver.2 on February 9, 2009 at 2:40 PM said...

hi hungry,

Thanx....I'm not sure wif the address but it's right in Tamu Selera in Bandar...just right next to St Andrew's church.;)