Monday, January 5, 2009

A Jolly Good Tummy.

Hello peeps,

Have been eating out quite a lot lately and just in a week, I had a scrumptious delicious food cravings fulfilled. One of my favourite restaurant that I get to eat was the "Babu's Kitchen". Located in the middle of the Bandar area right behind the BIBD building, anyone or everyone who's been in Bandar for quite a while will know that this is a favourite eating outlet for the townies as they have food deliveries in the fastest pace of time compared to all other delivery outlets and with such large varieties of food, we just love to order here. Amongst the favourites is the "American Breakfast" that we lurve to have during our coffee breaks. Unfortunately, I haven't got any pictures of the food but here's the place looked like...from the outside hehehe..

Next food stop, was for big snack time and I almost have forgotten that this place exists! hehehe.. It's been a while that I last set foot t'was a year ago ;p . The place is small, simple but relaxing and with very yummy food. Of course, everyone knows when I say, "London Kebabs".

Despite of just having it last nite, I'm still craving for it again..hmmpff!!

The last delectable big feast I had was today's lunch. Had been wanting to drop by to this restaurant for quite a while but it had been closed for quite sometime and now had reopen for business. It's a Thai restaurant and we had fully jolly belly after lunch. Here's what we had;

Steamed Fish in Soya Sauce, Kang kong Belachan, Tom Yum Prawn.

Pandan Chix

The place.

On the whole, I need to go on a diet!! hahaha...

Au Revoir everyone!!

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