Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lost of words.

Hello peeps!

I'm back! Been busy with the national day practices. Very patriotic eyh? Honestly, this is the only year that I voluntarily joined in after so many years working and rejecting 'em for years..hehehe...It's a special year as it's the silver jubilee for our national day and truly, the practise were exhausting but we never thought that it was indeed fun. I think everyones in the mood for the big day ;p

Anyway, despite that, yesterday I've received a very shocking news. Our senior officemate, passed away and it was all too unbelievable for all of us. He was just fine the day before.... Really, I wasn't myself these two days. We've been working in the same area for the past few years, and there were ups and downs along the way but never thought that he would leave without us having the chance to say 'Sorry'. A regret for taking granted with life.

Devastating as it is, his loss was a big impact to everyone. I hope he will rest in peace. Al Fatihah.

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