Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fish Spa

Hi peeps,

I have been nagging my friends to try the Fish Spa for the past two weeks and finally had the chance to go there yesterday. My first impression was, "Wow! I thought the fish were supposed to be smaller!" hehe...they were cute though but i wasn't really expecting them to be any bigger than 'TINY'.

These were the "suppose-to-be-TINY-fishes" that feasted on my feet for lunch. Once you've put your feet into the pool, lots of these fishes swarm to your feet and you'll get a very ticklish feeling ever. We actually laughed for the whole 5 to 10 mins trying to get grip from all the tickles the fishes gave...After that, you'd started to relax and it felt just like having a vibrator on your feet..hehehe.. a wonderful feeling where you tend to doze off to sleep when you get to state of a relaxing mode.

Somehow, those fish were absolutely eager to have feets around. They were biting my feet non stop.

That's me and my friend's feet. As you can see mine seemed to be a favourite for these fishes..hehehe ...too many dead cells for them to eat, i guess hehehe...The effect after the fish spa is that, we can feel our feet, so fresh, a bit smoother than before and you'll feel really great about it. I 'd really love to come again despite the scary ticklish moments I get.

That's what they say on what you get from this Fish Spa.

So, if anyone interested to try these, it is located in Gadong, the same buliding of Micronet computer school just right next to TK restaurant, 1st floor. Just look for Skin Renew and you'll find your way. it's very easy.

*edited* as promised here's the address peeps :

Unit 15, Bangunan Hj Tahir 2, Kg Menglait,
Gadong , Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +6732456103
Hp: +6738910988

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cool blog! I love fish!