Thursday, February 7, 2008

Madamoiselle: Random post

It had been 2 weeks of 'hyper' with a lot of things I had to do and finally, I can rest! Tired!! When it finally ends, I could only feel aches on my body as if I've been doing a sudden intensive workout! I am sooo totally drained out.Phew! Luckily, today's a holiday and waking up early was not in my list this morning. I got up just in time for a Festive visit cum free lunch and more ang pows. hahaha...

Anyway, I'm in love with this flower.It's a Chrysanthemums. I am not a flower type of girl but seeing this, made me fall in love. Beautiful things just makes you happy and this flower does makes me happy. I love the way it blooms and it's been sitting in my room blooming happily for 3 days already. Here's some pose of my new baby... :p

Beautiful ain't it? It has been posing around my room and I took lots of snaps before it wilts in the next few days. :p Got it just to replace my previous gloomy times.

What's New??

I went to Hua Ho Delima yesterday and spotted a new bakery shop. It was perfectly in front of Hua Ho, and they had "ORANGE" all over the place, call it strategic. You won't miss this place. It's called "LOF Bakery". Cool name I'd say.

So far I 'lof' it. The place is simple and spacious and nice. Yes, we need spacious bakeries please. Some bakeries are just too small to fit the crowds. The cakes are a beauty and the prices are affordable. Haven't tried it though but the buns and muffins were nice. I love their donuts!

What's in the movies?

It's the chinese movie mania this week as the Chinese New year falls today. The long awaited Stephen Chow's comedy 'CJ7' is now on the show and so is Jay Chou's latest movie "Kung Fu Dunk". Coincidentally, their sir names sounded the same and their movies were played on the same day. I love Jay Chou's songs especially from the 2002 album ...if I'm not mistaken. I already forgot the name. Anyhow, I have to see these 2 movies and planning to see one of them tomorrow. I guess I'll be watching the funny CJ7 first.

p.s : Trinity, your tag is on the way..hehehe..I'll post it once done eih..Sorry for the delay :)

2 Say What?:

Mariuca on February 8, 2008 at 3:50 PM said...

I love the pic of the white chrysanthemum flower, lovely! :):):)

Madamoiselle ver.2 on February 8, 2008 at 7:16 PM said...

yeah, that's why i'm in love with it. hehe..I guess, I'll be a regular customer with this flower. It makes me so happy. I'll get a different colour next time.:)