Sunday, February 10, 2008

The '4' Meme

I can't sleep. My tiredness has overcome my sleepiness thus my wide opened eyes would not shut. To kill the time, I found a Meme to answer, tagged by none other, Missy Zhoe Wynz herself, the honey of our new found love...hahaha..[ada paham kah tu pompuanz, honey=madu, new found love = KFD].

Anyway, Here's the meme and the 4 things you would get to know about Moi:

=::4 Things Meme::=

4 Jobs I Have Had

:Audio Visual : IT : Eater : Sleeper :

4 Movies Watched Over and Over

:The Holiday : Love Actually : Butterfly Effect 1&2 : Devil wears Prada :

4 Places I have Lived
:hmm.. We moved quite a lot since I was a kiddo. : Almost everywhere in Brunei Muara : almost to Tutong and : a while in KB : Temburong was de only place I've never lived in. :

4 Shows I Watch
:Sex & the City : Heroes : CSI : Most of Travel & living shows :

4 Places I Have Been

:4 of the SEA countries:

:1 of the European countries:

:1 of the Middle east countires:

:The smallest continent of the world:

4 People Who E-mail Me

: Ol' frens : New Frens : Unknown resources : Spams :

4 Favorite Things To Eat

:Chocolates :
Cheesecakes : Salmons : Fish Head Curry :P

4 Places I Would Rather Be
:On the Bed : To the movies : Diners : on "his" side *sob*

4 Things I Look Forward To This year
:Stress-less : Debt-less : Fat-less : Procrastinating-less

4 People To Tag
You, You, You & You...okay, I don't know who to tag anymore so anyone can do.hehhe..

It's late now, Before I go, I 'd like to congrats a friend of mine for her wedding day today, Congratulations Mrs DYT, your somebody's wife already hahaha...

Au revoir!

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