Monday, February 11, 2008

Madamoiselle: Fun Donuts

How many times had I wanted to get those, that's how many times I had turned myself away, avoiding the never ending queues that wasted my holy time. Today, however, was the day, that I determined to go ahead and follow my heart..err..more of my tummy actually. I want to get those, and I got that exactly!

Finally, I bought my first pack of Fun Donuts after neglecting so many attempts to get it but was only disappointed by the long queues that I don't want to get stuck with. Call me Lazy!

So what makes this "New-in-Town" Donut shop the latest craze of our lil' small town? Their donuts are absolutely soft, fluffy, and best of all the sweetness are just mild. Goodie... Dunkin' Donuts are way too sweet for the tooth and this one is just alright. Better still, it's not even oily. Okay enough of promos. I'm munching off my last piece away.

Bon Nuit!!

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