Saturday, February 9, 2008

CJ7 vs Kung Fu Dunk

-=Warning: This may be a very long post.=-

You may probably have watched both of these movies by now, but if you don't, let me share my point of view. :p Okay, as usual my reviews always sux big time but I'm telling you this anyway..hehehe...

CJ7...for my first impression seeing the trailer, I've made up my mind that I'm gonna hate it. Despite it looked funny when I saw the kid screaming crazily, I thought the movie seems to be too "Fake-ey" if there's such a word. Then I watched the 2nd version of the trailer and saw this cute lil' green thingy and I said to myself, well that is cute, could it be funnier than I thought? With 'Kung Fu Dunk' playing on the same day, I was not really that interested to watch CJ7. But as a movie addict, I wanted to watch both so I decided to do one thing. Watch the boring movie first than watch the awesome one later. Meaning, if the first one was that bad, at least I enjoy the next movie and feels better. If I did the other way, I might have just regret the later part and whine all about it. Worst plan, I intended to watched both on the same day.

Unfortunately, when me & Poq sister arrived at the cinema, Kung Fu Dunk [KFD] was already played half an hour earlier and CJ7 would be playing in 10 minutes time but could not watch the KFD continuously after that as the times of show had clashed. We decided to watch CJ7 then and catch up with KFD today.

How good can CJ7 be? My call: Hilariously Cute! I found it very funny, Cute and Sad. The story focused more on the kid and the Cute alien dog rather than Stephen Chow so anyone who expects it as another of Stephen's Chow comedic movie, it ain't much the same. This time Stephen Chow can be considered as the dessert of the story. The little boy is amazingly funny and he has a lot to laugh at especially with his thousandth expressions. Such an adorable kiddo. What is more adorable is the bubbly cutey, squeezy "alien dog"called CJ7.

I wish I had that lil thing. It's just too cute to handle.hahaha.. The movie was simple but good for laughs. The sad thing about the movie is..err... should I spoil this to you guys? Oh what the heck! Don't continue if you don't want to know cause I'm telling you this, the saddest part of the story is when the little boy's father died in an accident at work and the boy cried so much it definitely touched your heart. Especially when he said, he was so tired and just wanted to sleep and said that he knows his father will come back when he wakes up the next day. I could not stop crying myself seeing that whole scene. Don't believe me? I even heard a guy sniffing loudly on the same row we sat. People are in tears! Very touchy you know. :p

The Father & Son bonding will set you in tears.

On the whole, I can say I love this movie, unexpectedly outstand my previous judgement. I rated it for myself an 8.5 out of 10. Unbelievable eih!

Okay I got a surprising news I've just found out. That lil' kid whose a boy in the movie was actually a Girl in real life, Xu Jiao, a 9-year-old little girl from the Chinese mainland. Wow, no wonder 'he' looks really adorable. :p

Ti is a poor father who works all day, everyday at a construction site to make sure his son Dicky Chow can attend an elite private school. Despite his father's good intentions to give his son the opportunities he never had, Dicky, with his dirty and tattered clothes and none of the "cool" toys, stands out from his schoolmates like a sore thumb. Ti can't afford to buy Dicky any expensive toys and goes to the best place he knows to get new stuff for Dicky--the junk yard! While out "shopping" for a new toy for his son, Ti finds a mysterious orb and brings it home for Dicky to play with. To his surprise and disbelief, the orb reveals itself to Dicky as a bizarre "pet" with extraordinary powers. Armed with his "CJ7" Dicky seizes this chance to overcome his poor background and shabby clothes and impress his fellow schoolmates for the first time in his life. But CJ7 has other ideas and when Dicky brings it to class, chaos ensues.
Genres: Action/Adventure, Art/Foreign, Comedy and Science Fiction/Fantasy
Running Time: 1 hr. 26 min.

Kung Fu Dunk... Finally I watched it just today, and I already heard so many good thumbs up review of this movie before watching it. I, myself, was excited after watching its trailers. So what's my review on this one? Okay let me tell you the good stuffs, I love the Kung Fu thingy, the choreography of the movie, I love the times when Jay Chou had his Kung Fu fights at the big dragon club, I love the way he threw the tin cans to the bin, I love the way he plays the basketball, I love the Kung Fu song they play in the movie and I love most, are the two handsome Japanese looking guys that are in his Basketball team. *Drools* hehehe.. Bo-Lin Chen & Baron Chen are definitely a drool, a Taiwanese if not mistaken and Bo lin got a BLOG that i don't understand. Teeheee!! .

If that's the good stuff, what's the bad? Well, if you are looking for a hilarious movie, this one's not it. Its funny but not hilarious. It made me smile, a few laughs but not enjoying my laughs that much as CJ7. The action was great , Jay Chou do acted coolly. In the movie, he was sort of an"innocently arrogant" lad but you just couldn't hate him. He's good with his moves but of course, the movie has this typical Hong Kong aura movie. I don't know how to describe it but it's a bit typical. Whatever. I like it though and I rate this a 7.5 out of 10.

Shi-Jie (Jay Chou), grew up in a martial arts school and is well-trained in kung-fu. With his kung-fu skills and good reflexes, Shi-Jie excels in basketball by mastering the slam dunk technique. Wang-Li (Eric Tsang), who is trying to locate Shi-Jie's real family, invites him to join the university's basketball team in hope of making some money. Shi-Jie faces new challenges while trying to blend in with the basketball team members Ting-Wei (Chen Bo-Lin) and Xiao-Lan (Baron Chen). With the upcoming basketball championship and the appearance of Li-Li (Charlene Choi), will the team members set aside their differences and personal feelings for the love of the game?

To my fellow kambangness Zhoe, I guess this review shocked you, I know, somehow I like CJ7 more than KFD. Probably because I needed a laugh, big time now hahaha... but it's just a point lesser so it's not much of a difference. Each has its good point, and I do agree with you those 2 lads in 'KFD' are such a cutey..hehehe...

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