Friday, May 15, 2009

Words of Apologies.

Dear Madamoiselle ver2,

"Three months", I'd say 3 months of non existence in this blog of mine surely leaves cobwebs in parts of my brain to even think of anything to blog about. Sorry for my negligence towards you Madamoiselle, my deepest heartiest apologies for those times that I'm supposed to spent with you was done with someone else. I'm sorry..I know you've been my bestest friend for the past 2 years and have been there for me from food to movies and my crucial fictional/unfictional love story.

You see, I met this guy, I knew him for quite sometime already and it had been mutual till recently, I fell for him. I know this is ridicoulous for you madamoiselle but you just don't know how heartbreaking for me to leave him with all his offerings and the great momentos he's been giving to me. No, Madamoiselle, I'm not materialistic, don't you ever say that to shud have known me by now that I was and never will be that of a person. I know you're mad...oh how could I ever asked you for forgiveness my dearest friend for all that i did. I'm really really sorry. I will try to make this up to you. I hope you'll understand, Madamoiselle. I hope you will understand that I could no longer be devoted to you solely my friend for I have him in my life now. I hope you can go along with him one day for you and I wouldn't just give up our friendship for just another guy would you?

I guess this is just what i needed to say, I hope things will go well after this. I'm still your bestfriend you know :) . I hope you'll have a great weekend and take care.

p.s: Oh by the way, the guy that i'm telling you here...his name is "FACEBOOK". ;p

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