Sunday, May 17, 2009

My bestfriend's Girl Review

Hi ya peeps,

As promised, a feedback about the DVD show I watched last nite. Okay, after so much of my ramblings, All I can say that the movie was not up to my expectations. As usual, trailers deceives me a lot all the time hehehe... There were absolutely too many "unwanted" scenes which reminds me, the people in the cinemas should have screened it first, waaayyy before making decisions to show it to the public.... ;p

Okay, okay, I'm not going there again ..but really the movie is not suitable for show in the Brunei cinemas. It could have been a good movie but something about it is quite dull so yeah i didn't really enjoy the show as much as watching the "Bride wars". In fact , I'd prefer the movie "New in Town" acted by Renee Zelweger, better than 'My Bestfriend's Girl". Therefore, my verdict for this movies is a 5 out of 10.

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