Saturday, May 16, 2009


Was about to watched a movie today after work and was all excited as i love a Love comedy story. My Bestfriend's Girl was on in the theatres, so a friend of mine and my sister agreed to go ahead and wanted a laugh out of it. It's not a new movie but since i haven't watched it and it shows now in the cinemas so why not, right?!!

Unfortunately, when we arrived at the cinema, we were told that it was banned ...yes.... BANNED!!! and it was a last minute banned!! I can't believe's the 2nd time I've experienced this situation. Come on guys, if you want to screen the movies do it before publishing to the world that it will be shown in the cinemas. Don't give people hopes coz we do have other plans if there's nothing much to watch there. Censorship should be done way earlier before letting those movies out for show programmes, not last minute!!!

Okay, i don't normally complain like must be the hormones in me but really.... I was disappointed. I know i can just get a dvd and watch it at home, but as a movie lover who loves to be emotionally concentrated and connected to the movie that provides huge screens and a blasting surround sound effect to satisfy the self orgasm of a movieholic....I still wanted to see them in the cinemas. The feel and the satisfaction is wayyyy better than watching at home even if you have your own home theatre in the bedroom!

Anyway, Sorry for my ramblings...hahaha....just letting it out and aaahhh it feels good then. Oh, i did buy the DVD to overcome my frustration.I'm not sure its a good movie or not but that's not the point anyway. Gonna watch it later so reviews will be done tomorrow...if i remember that is heheehe...

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