Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Life Rambles

Oh Boy!! I'm having a sinful scoop on the Cheez Choc from Secret Recipe now and I'm so lost with my diet thingy. Gosh!! I'm sure my dietitians gonna freak me out when they check my food diary. The heck with that for tonite. Surely,tonite I'm going to have my sinful pleasure and enjoy the scrumptious cheese cake from heaven. hahaha....I know, I'm going to regret this tomorrow.All those hard work of reducing the kgs are a waste with 3 slices of cheesecakes.hehehe... The heck with it. I'll mourn for tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm so happy these days. Somehow I have found my inner youth back though things didn't go pretty well lately. It's been a long time that I last have a really good time despite of being like an old mid crisis lady these 4-5 years. Sheesh!! I feel like I was back in college having fun and It felt so light and easy. I hope it'll last long coz I've had enough with the serious side of me. Better still, I finally had the courage of being alone, not caring if  I have a company or not. I do love a company, but if it takes for me to be alone and still enjoy with my ownself, why not?!!. I used to be too shy to go alone anywhere and always preferred a company or more to eat or go shopping , watching movies and going for a workout otherwise, I'll just get home and canceled any plans. Honestly,  doing so gives  me stresses for making schedules with friends and getting undecisive decisions is so painstaking to take in. So  for the past week, I just couldn't care. I workout alone, have gone eating alone in the restaurants ( which is a rare for bruneians , i tell you) and almost went to the movies alone. Almost? yeah, the only time I wanted to watch alone have been cancelled due to unexplainable situation...hehe..but that won't stop me from doing it again in the future. And I intend to do it anyway.

So life is much more simpler now, any friends who wants to join are very much welcome but I won't be bothered if they have excuses especially last minute ones to canceled out cause its their lost while I can still enjoy myself with whatever I planned on doing. Subconsciously, it's been a positive attitude that I am proud of. I want to be the independent successful woman  and I have achieved one part of it. Cause I've never been a very confident person. Worst is in socializing. I hate making conversations with new people cause really, I just don't know how. and that'll be a different story to tell.

So its almost midnite now, I guess I should start to relax myself to sleep. Tomorrow's going to be a big day and I hope i won't be slacking over with my work and everything else. so till then.......sweet dreams to ya all.

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