Thursday, November 19, 2009

Losing Kilos

Hii.Hellew..Mushi Mushi....

This blog is so hopeless! I can't seem to find time to drop at least a few words not even for once a week. Facebooking is sooo killing the time...the games especially..eesh!!

Anyway, what's been up with the author of Madamoiselle? There seems to be too much happenings with so little time blogging about it. I've come to realized that time flies soo fast and it has come to the end of year 2009 . And yet, looking back to what i've been doing for the past 11 months was something I could say to myself...a big BRAVO with a pat on my back :))) Why?? Obviously, my high anticipation of being active and the losing of KGs that i'm trying to get rid of for the last *tut* years has finally shown a slight small results. Ruthless to those who smirks, i'd say, a slight small change is Big to the world of slacking Madamoiselle. So a big applaud are very much welcome..hahaaha...

Honestly, what motivates me or rather, what actually pushes a diet procrastinator like me who takes food for a wild adventurous routine would actually go for a diet after so many decades in food heaven is a sad ugly truth of a broken heart, which stirs a big commotion within me. I'll story up next time for this but let's talk about my diet thingy. Nope I'm not exactly in a pace that loses huge fats like that reality TV show" the Biggest Loser"!! Nope, I'm more moving to the pace of slow n steady, do what you can but still lose a little at a time pace. Really, I need that for a long term purposes. Happy to say, 6 kgs in 11 mths even after a terrible season of "hari raya bloating tummy" is worth the loss rather than none at all. Hopefully, the lighter I get will get me moving faster on my workout and dieting prog. Thank God, I'm surrounded with health conscious people who wants to workout to diet too..they're part of my motivators as well.

*Yawns* Bed's calling...guess i gotta stop babbling here so yeah, dat's all what u get from me for today. Tommorow's gonna have an early morning walk. Tll then, sleep tight and Au Revoir!!

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