Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Madamoiselle & Macam2 ada...

:: Going Somewhere & Food Talk ::

Yesterday, I had a brief walk with POQ sister at the Damuan Recreational Park. It has been two months since we last had our mini exercise @ afternoon walk. I thought walking at Damuan would be that exhausting as walking at the Tasek. It turns out that I feel more relaxed and not sweating at all even after two rounds. If I were to have a walk at the Tasek, two rounds of walking got me sweaty and just a hike on the hill got me wet with sweat. Its like having a leisure walk at the Damuan, and its not good if I want to keep fit. Why not Jog then? Teeheee… Kalau paham, Bisai [If understand, Nice!!]. At the moment, I prefer to walk lah..hehehe. So tomorrow, we plan on going to the Tasek instead. Unless, we just want to have a relaxing walk, then I’d go for the Damuan.

Anyway, on Monday, POQ sister and I was quite worried with our excessive eating since the Raya festive season thus planning to have the afternoon “walk”. But the weather was rather gloomy so we ended up going for a tummy fill at the TPH restaurant instead. Silahau!! So much of worrying eih?!! We had “Butter prawn” a favourite dish known by almost everyone, “Nyonya Style Venison” , the meat was lovely but the sauce was way to sweet, and “Brocolli with Tofu”, nyamaaanzzz….. In the end, We regret of having too much food when we were supposed to lose all those disproportionate fats in our wiggly bodies. Hmmpff!!

:: Rants And Raves ::

So what about today’s news? I am still not in a good mood for work. I hate it. Somehow I feel totally demotivated. Life, Work, Love…. Sometimes I wanted to do so much, but had so little time, Less resources, so many ideas, un-encouraging environment, too much pressure, I can only think of a lil’ break. No, a huge break! A break from all these, stay at home and baked cakes and muffins and try all sorts of cooking. Hah! I don’t know why, but I got this “big” interest in learning to bake and cook. I just need my own kitchen, my own things and I’ll be a Chef Gourmet wannabe in fairyland, I wish *Sigh*. I love food. I love to make my friends happy, with food. I love to try new foods. I love to try new recipies. I love to try new restaurants. APAKANzz?? Why all these rants?? I’m mentally blocked. Uh-Oh!!

I have a sort of new addiction of love, that I had mentally blocked all the creative side of me to be super doubly stable. And truly, I don’t like it. My mind’s been off too much for thinking the unpredictability of “Him”. Sheesh! I need to get over him soon. It’s tiring me out and It sure doesn’t give me any positive vibes. He’s a good guy, but I need a more matured guy, A guy who knows how to love you without being told… in which that reminds me of the lyrics of Soulmate from Natasha Beddingfield.

Could it be possible?

“Is it possible Mr. Loveable is already in my life?
Right in front of me or maybe you're in disguise”

Its six months after the breakup, Sometimes I missed the ‘X’ sometimes it felt like nothing. It goes on and off, without being told. Then the "other" guy, instead, came in the midst of vulnerability, was all but a rollercoaster experience. And I’m slowly getting tired of it. My heart is fed up of getting indecisive response. We should be buddies, I guess. Whatever!! I gotta go. I feel drowsy already. Bye! Sweet dreams. Hope tomorrow is a good day to refresh. ** I wish humans can “refresh” when they feel “HANGed” just like computers**

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